Sign it

Communication and success across borders

‘Sign it’ was a signature raising campaign supporting the Transylvanian National Council’s signing initiation in the European Union. The petition aimed to help the national minorities’ direct access to the financial resources of the EU.

Goals and tasks

The cross-borders initiation was obliged to raise 1 million signatures from minimum 7 EU-member countries within only a few months’ period.


Repositioning the petition: new name and new website: (named after the actual CTA) We built the campaign upon the Hungarian national cohesion in focus with 3 highlighted countries: Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

The goal of the communication was building trust and mobilization. We demonstrated how signing is endorsed by public- as well as clerical figures along with politicians, artists and sportsmen side by side, without any political interest.

We reached multifold target groups successfully, within a uniform platform, building up from strategic basement, taking both marketing- and operational media-PR responsibilities.