From anonymity to a love brand

Sansin is the very first Hungarian vegan detergent brand: a product range of vegan organic and environment friendly Hungarian products stretching from detergents, fabric softeners, baby products as well as male and female cosmetics.

Goals and task

We were committed to build up the brand from scratch to even make it cope and liable to fit in the international scene also. In addition to creating and implementing marketing and PR strategy, we managed extensive researches, built up an online community of 10 000 and constantly generated media publigations.

• Defining target group
• Positioning
• Creating the brand message
• Writing brand slogans
• Defining communication tools
• Social media management
• PR communication

Message: Sansin. Naturally clean.

Communication tools
• Website
• PR
• Social media (Facebook, Instagram)
• Communication solutions for sales location

• A strong fruitful debut in the market and constant progress.
• More than 10 000 social media follower with minimal media expenditure.
• More than 15 M HUF worth free/organic media publishings.
• Marketleader in a Hungarian store chain.
• Distributed in many European countries with success.

‘Research on waste’ – conscious media use In 2020 and in 2021, we assessed the Christmas consuming habits of Hungarians with online researches made by the CAWI method: how much they shop for the holidays, how much waste they dump and how conscious they are in their purchases. We boosted filling out by a sweepstake on Sansin’s social media. Both years filling out exceeded 1300. Press releases on the research gained media publishings worth 3 M HUF in both years, from through Népszava/from primal national to regional media.