National Voucher

Value over nominal value

Erzsébet-voucher, ceased in 2019, was replaced in the cafeteria-market by Hungarian Voucher Ltd.’s product in 2020, being individually in the Hungarian allowance market in 100% national ownership. National Voucher is a widely applicable allowance which is available with reduced taxation and may be used for everyday demands. It represents considerable added value over its nominal value for not only employees but for employers and redeemers also.

Goals and tasks

Our goal was to build up the NationalVoucher’s brand-awareness, enlarge its market and support sales, but first and foremost building trust in business circles, strengthen professional credibility and visibility of the product.


After forging the communication and marketing strategy, designing and implementing content-marketing to target residential and corporate audience (social media and blog), creating support for sales activities and communication for the press (monitoring and PR) were crucial elements of execution. Website development and PPC activities promoting it were also part of branding.