Subtle tartget groups, a tough ride

EFOTT (National and Tourtistic Union of University and College Students) is one of the largest music festival in Hungary going back to a competitively old history. Founded on rich tradition, yet reviving every year, it’s awaiting university youth summer by summer.
Festival season restarted in a strong competition after the pandemic, industry participants were facing challenges of high expectations, raised prices and the partly altered consumer habits.
The EFOTT project had us renew and reposition the brand, design and implement strategic-, event-, online marketing- and media PR activities.

Goals and tasks/responsibilities

Our main goal was supporting ticket purchase and sales.
Besides, rethinking the brand, constructing umbrella brand EFOTT 365 and empowering the green festival perception, whilst targeting a uniquely mixed-up target group with seriously high-standards.

Implementation and solutions

Within the Y- and X Generation-based concept ‘The festival is yours!’ we have established:
the www.tiedafesztival.hu individual website to induce activity from the visitor and make them feel involved in the creative process of the festival itself.

We called for top-rated brand-ambassadors from Hungary to stand for communication authentic for our target group.
Essential information – headliners, days left, ticket purchase – we published directly on the main page.
Besides succinct textual content we used countless animated images and videos and shared them uninterruptedly on channels to best reach the youth (e.g. launching a brand new and shooting-up TikTok channel, unlike other festivals’, is active year-round utilizing the brand’s excessive year-round presence at university life.)


Communication from all aspects accomplished its goals.
Hungary’s largest, greenest and sportiest university bash was soaring with outstanding participatory numbers. Already the first day saw record number of people to arrive at the festival, stayed for the festival parade and enjoyed it’s unique spirit for 5 day.
PR/Media publications has achieved 8% growth.