Taming the unknown: education in a sceptical market

Blockben is az Estonian incorporated fintech company aiming to grant inventive answers to at-present financial questions by its large-scale service palette of innovation.

Goals and tasks

Our goal was to evolve the brand only by a PR toolkit.
Thus we were committed to designing the brand’s media PR strategy along with a constant, monthly PR management.

Peculiarity of the solution

Peculiarly, we didn’t start with building up the brand’s PR along its main profile – a deliverer or trader of cryptocurrency – as its products are largely unfamiliar for the public, they raise doubt in the market, lack authentic background expertise and frequently followed by a controversial or negative connotations.
Instead, we quested the 3 essential elements in the company’s profile which implemented positive and familiar factors for both media experts and the target group.

• Investment
• Gold (on which their digital devices are established)
• Fintech


We layed BlockBen’s brand and its proficient brand image firstly upon the owners, their professional expertise as personal branding.
On one hand, education was a vital element of our strategy: we organised professional background talks/talkshops for experts and relevant media. On the other, trust-building was massively founded on, besides transparent expertise, gold collateral.

Results and achievements

The first indifferent press opened up and even mainstream media picjed up our releases month by month (e.g. Origo, HVG, Népszava, Világgazdaság or Tőzsdefórum)

Organic press publications reached paramount numbers during the campaign:
In 2019 publications worth over 25 M HUF
IN 2021 and 21 publications woth over 34 M HUF

Decision makers grew familiar with the name Blockben, while MNB, the Hungarian National Bank invited the company’s representatives in their Sandbox project, created to design in-house regulation processes.

Last but not least, the upper PR strategy has also led to increased sales activity. The days following a publication usually showed 7-8% increase at sales numbers.