Baptist Charity – Climate of Change

Communication and events

Climate of Change is an international initiative focusing on the issue of climate change and is coordinated by the Baptist Charitry in Hungary.

Goals, task, solutions, achievements

Our goal was to use a wide-range communication palette for maximizing the number of those becoming familiar with the project and conscious of the issue’s high account.

The project was endorsed by Hungarian influencer Laura Döbrösi. So far, we have reached more than 570 000 users on Facebook using nonstop PPC activity (Google ads, Youtube, Facebook). We have organised auspicious events, e.g. an outstanding Italian new circus production was brought to Hungary. We introduced the initiative at popular music festivals such as EFOTT, Kolorádó, Strand Festival and MCC Festival by organising activities and dispute competitions for the young.

When announcing the project’s launch, we generated more than 50 press responses, and since then we’ve made constant presence in Hungary’s most influential media, such as ATV and Origo along with media on environmental issues.