Financial consciousness and creating prospects


For us, it is appreciation, achievement and an exciting challenge to work on a well-known, trustworthy brand’s further growth. Provident stands for a major value in the financial sector of Hungary. We apply our typically NEST think tank attitude to bring the brand closer to the people, help deepen trust and interpersonal relationships as well as everyday financial consciousness.

“During the recent years, Provident has won ClientFirst Consulting’s ‘Excellency in Client Service Award’ 9 times, in addition, it has been granted Kincentric’s ‘Best Workplace of Hungary’ title and has been a decisive participant of Hungarian economical life for almost two decades. We dedicate ourselves to create prospects for families. the elderly and the young to reach their goals, within the opportunities of regulated lending. Creating an up-to-date communication strategy for the company is essential as well as repositioning and constantly strengthening the brand. We chose NEST Communications by a multi-round invitation tender because they proved to be the most convincing at in-the-person engagements. Their innovative mindset and the suggested solutions to our challenges included in their application (az aláhúzott részt nem használnám, indokolatlan az angolban – Sz.K.) proved to be standing very close to our vision. As the accordance between us developed quickly, which is inevitable for success, we placed our confidence in them.’ says Márta Pálfalvi, director of corporate relations and communication of Provident.

The new communication strategy is going to be built on two pillars: the mentoring activity of the brand in the field of financial consciousness and the constant assistance, support and prospect-creation for the existential reintegration and development of people.