Think Tank

We are a research- and creative hub of professionals with advantaged knowledge and experience. We analyse, inspect and explore. We typically do researches of 1000-3500 capita, mostly in the field of consumer insights and attitudes. This is the solid ground we build our strategic thinking to conduce to actually goal-hitting /goal-attaining solutions.


We devise marketing campaigns and put them into pracice.
We do whatever other agencies do, only with a more state-of-the-art approach: we roll more bullets, not only one, to see which one is to attain further – we AB-test systematically.


We implement our vision on high standards.
Let it be full-service execution of events, press conferences, photo- and video production for campaigns, web development and animation.
Our own crew enables our work to be swift, cost-effective and flexible.

What we stand for

Understanding problems, analyising circumstances.
Deep-founding ideas and profound preaparation.
Mindful implementation. Job well-done.
Delight of our clients.
We aim to make every day to tell the stories of our clients.


Bence Énekes

owner, CEO

The rockets of our team is fuelled by watching our clients proceed and sharing their success. Let it be an efficient campaign, business strategy to hit the pin in the head or beneficial synergies.

Gábor Tóth

deputy CEO

I am making my efforts to make every day to tell the stories of my clients. I launched my carrier at Délmagyarország (South-Hungary) as editor in chief of print and online content/publishing to later become agency operational director working with clients such as Lidl, MVM or Szerencsejáték Zrt.
NEST empowers client communication with a unique eye and with stories which make a difference to establish business success. Building business without Public Relations and marketing – says Stuart H. Britt – is like winking your eye at a pretty girl in the dark: you know what you’re doing, but noone else does.

Melinda Megyesi

Event director

Event, for me, is a creative hub, which consists of two components. One is the artistic view to forge creative concepts, the second is the approach of project management involving operative and administrative elements. It is an efficient teamwork where it is my job to direct each participant from preparatory phase up to implementation, with client demand in mind all along. The diversity and complexity of my work challenges and fuels me every day. I go for making every dream come true together.

Erik Siklós


I’ve been in communication for 35 years. Having been an active (and, with my all hope, creative) riporter, journalist, editor in chief in all types of media – from radio through print, web, video to television -, while I have always been involved in PR and sponsorship projects.
As marketing and communication director of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, I was working together with Hungary’s most influential companies and highlighted agencies for several years. My creative, strategic and solution-oriented thinking, my resiliance, persistence, focus and consistence has not helped me only in raising my children.

András Degré

Head of strategy

The way I see it, communication (along with marketing) always responds to a business problem or dilemma. Agency and client can only find the most appropriate clue side by side. I am working on building our clients’ brands by exploring and finding first-rate resolutions with an eye on business and marketing communication’s interest.